Jake The Snake Roberts Reveals Which Wrestler Was: “Psychotic”

Jake The Snake Roberts Reveals Which Wrestler Was:

Jake The Snake Roberts opened up about his unforgettable feud with the late Macho Man Randy Savage in the early 90s.

In an interview with, Jake The Snake Roberts referred to Savage as a “psychotic son of a b**ch,” but also expressed that he cared for Savage deeply.

When asked about his time working with Savage, Roberts didn’t hold back. Roberts described Savage as a “psycho” and that Savage’s unpredictable nature caused some issues. However, despite the difficulties, Roberts had a profound fondness for Savage and recognised his immense talent in the ring.

Roberts shared a unique tactic he employed to deal with Savage’s wild energy during their matches. He would intentionally lean on Savage during the early stages of their bouts to gradually wear him down. Roberts explained that once Savage was tired, he became more receptive to the planned spots and the overall flow of the match.

He’s a psychotic son of a b**ch, man. He was nuts. I love Randy to death but he was a psycho. You had to ground him. What I’d do is I’d go out and lean on him during the early part of the match until he got tired. Then, once he got tired, he was much more sensible in terms of what we were doing,

Roberts stated.

What Does Jake The Snake Roberts Think Of Other Wrestlers Doing The DDT?

Jake The Snake Roberts spoke in an interview and slammed other wrestlers using the DDT. Roberts stated that he hates when he sees a wrestler perform the DDT and do it incorrectly and that he also dislikes when wrestlers use the DDT as a transition move, Roberts believes that certain moves, such as the DDT, should be banned and only be performed by wrestlers that know how to do them correctly.