Jake Roberts Slams Wrestlers Using DDT: “I Hate When They Don’t Do It Right”

Jake Roberts takes the mic

Jake Roberts has discussed his annoyance at wrestlers getting the DDT wrong.

Although Roberts wasn’t the first person to utilise the DDT, he was the legend who made it famous. During his career, the WWE Hall of Famer was extremely protective of the move, and this ensured its mystique for years to come.

However, as Roberts began to wind down his career the move became more prevalent, and in 2023 it’s a long way from carrying the menace it once did.

Speaking on his Snake Pit podcast, Roberts revealed he’s actually okay with wrestlers using the move, but he hates it when they don’t hit it correctly.

“I thought it was great [that people were using the DDT],” Roberts said. “I just hate it when they don’t do it right. Watch the film, guys. Figure it out. It’s not that hard. There’s only like one or two people that do it right.”

Jim Ross Disagrees With Jake Roberts

Speaking on his own podcast back in July, Jim Ross explains why he believes the move should be more protected. The WWE Hall of Famer said only top stars should be allowed to use the move, lamenting how it’s now “meaningless” as it’s used across the board as a transitional move.

“I agree that the transition spot bullsh*t is true. I also believe that if we were doing our correct due diligence, that there were certain moves that would be banned except for certain guys. Everybody can’t use the DDT because they’re just going to whore it out, prostitute it out as, you know, a transitional thing. Meaningless. It has no pop.”

H/t to Wrestling Inc