Jake Roberts “Hated” Wrestling In A Tag Team

Jake Roberts

Jake Roberts is known for his many positive contributions to professional wrestling but he thinks negatively about being in tag team matches.

Roberts is known for being a master of ring psychology and being able to pull off convincing matches, moves, and promos, all in spite of his relatively average physique.

His skills and innovative mindset led to quite a bit of success all over the wrestling business. However, what’s notable is that most of his praise comes from how he approached singles matches, and that’s because the man, in general, loathed working in tag matches.

On a recent episode of his Snake Pit podcast, Jake Roberts explained that his hatred towards tag wrestling came from what he saw as an overcomplicated match structure and formula with wrestlers having to do twice the thinking and twice the work for the same result in the end.

“I hate being in a tag team, I never liked tag team matches. There is too many people thinking, we only need one guy to think, and that’s whoever is leading the match. The rest of the guys can take the night off.”

How many matches has Jake Roberts been in?

According to online wrestling database, Jake Roberts wrestled in 2,343 between September 1975 and September 2018, 577 of which were tag team matches.

Roberts’ most recent TV appearances in a wrestling capacity were for AEW where, for a time, he was Lance Archer’s manager. However, as of February 1st, he and a few other veterans were reassigned to the company’s community outreach program, which is intended to help AEW find other partner organizations to work with.

h/t WrestlingInc.