Jake Roberts Says Outspoken Veteran “Thinks He Should Have Been A Lot More Than He Was”

Jake Roberts takes the mic

Jake Roberts addressed his relationship with Dutch Mantel, saying the veteran had an inflated view of what his career should have been.

Dutch Mantel isn’t one to hold back when sharing his opinions, whether it be taking WWE Hall of Famers like Ric Flair and Goldberg to task or questioning public support for LGBTQ+ rights. Brody King recently blasted Mantel on social media for the latter opinion, calling him an “old bag of s***” following Mantel’s comments on CM Punk supporting LGBTQ+ youth.

Speaking on a recent episode of Snake Pit, WWE Hall of Famer Jake Roberts was asked about his thoughts on the veteran, and Roberts said he believes Mantel has always held jealousy toward him and that he seemed unhappy with many aspects of his career.

“I think there’s always little jealousy between Dutch and I on his side. I think Dutch thinks he should have been a lot more than he ever was. I don’t know. I might be completely missing the boat. He just seemed to be unhappy with the positions he was put in most of his career. I’ve always liked him, but that has nothing to do with it.”

Elsewhere on the podcast, Roberts commented on the infamous Kliq Curtain Call in Madison Square Garden in 1996, saying:

“Everybody was hot about that curtain call shit. Everybody. I remember Freddie Blassie just fu**ing losing it in the locker room. It made everybody sick. I love those guys to death, but man, you fu**ing co**suckers. That was f**ked up. Can you see Bruno Sammartino doing that? Maybe him and Larry Zbyszko doing that? The whole idea about wrestling in a territory is that you leave it in better shape than it was when you got there. By them doing that, they destroyed so much. They destroyed a lot by doing that. I’m going to piss in your biggest market. That’s why I can’t believe Vince let it happen.”

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