Former Wrestling Manager: “Goldberg Was A Crappy Worker”


Former WWE manager Dutch Mantell believes that Goldberg does not deserve to have his place in the WWE Hall of Fame and calling him a “crappy worker,” accusing him of ending the career of Bret “The Hitman” Hart at Starrcade 1999 after he kicked him in the head during a match.

Hart has never held back about who it was that ended his career and has addressed it several times over the decades. Hart also believes that he should be removed from the WWE Hall of Fame.

During an episode of “Story Time with Dutch Mantell,” Hart’s desire to oust Goldberg from the Hall of Fame was addressed and Mantell agrees that Goldberg doesn’t belong there but admits it would do little to change things.

“What does taking him out of the Hall of Fame do? [Nothing] yes, sir. He’s [Hart] just mad at him. He’s pissed at him. And by right, yeah he doesn’t really belong in there. (…) I think that to take him out of the Hall of Fame, I don’t think it does anything. It just maybe appeases Bret a little bit.”

Dutch Mantell also noted that in addition to Goldberg being a “crappy worker” – he was best known for his noticeably short matches.

“Goldberg was a crappy worker. His whole career was based on 90-second matches. It’s that long then he’d get up and stick his tongue out and then walk around the ring. And I don’t even know who trained Goldberg if anybody.”

H/T Sportskeeda