Drew McIntyre Issues Glasgow Warning After CM Punk Threat

Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre won’t necessarily be the one doing the damage if CM Punk sets foot in Glasgow for WWE Clash at the Castle.

CM Punk cost Drew McIntyre the World Heavyweight Championship in a shocking moment at WrestleMania 40 and McIntyre is hell-bent on revenge.

However, any physicality between the two men has been curtailed with Punk injured since the Royal Rumble while Drew McIntyre was pulled out of the King of the Ring due to an injury of his own.

On Raw in Hartford, McIntyre was enraged at being replaced in the King of the Ring by Jey Uso, a man McIntyre has long had a problem with. The Scottish star stormed away from the arena in a car just as CM Punk pulled up to the show. Punk marched straight to the ring and vowed that he wasn’t leaving until McIntyre returned and revealed he’d be in Glasgow, Scotland for Clash at the Castle in June.

After the show, CM Punk vowed to break Drew McIntyre’s heart and it seemed the undercurrent of what that might mean did not escape the former World Heavyweight Champion.

Drew McIntyre Over CM Punk’s Glasgow Threat

Drew McIntyre took to social media to share a video where he vented about the situation with CM Punk and left Punk with an ominous warning as to what might happen to him if he gets in McIntyre’s way at Clash at the Castle in Glasgow.

McIntyre ended his message by saying:

Let’s break down what you’ve done since you’ve stunk this place up and break down is the operative word here. You’ve had exactly one televised fight which you lost, you got injured by me. You’ve hung around at TV, the headquarters, the PC like a bad smell. Go home to Larry. You’re playing a game of hide and seek and you think you’re winning, you’re not.

One last thing. I heard what you said. If you actually turn up to Glasgow, we protect our own. You’re not gonna leave in one piece and it won’t necessarily be at my doing mate. That’s fair warning.

No matches have been confirmed for WWE Clash at the Castle as of yet but should CM Punk try and screw over Drew McIntyre in front of his home country fans, he might realise very quickly he’s not in Chicago anymore.

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