Hall Of Famer Wants WWE Draft Scrapped

Stephanie McMahon WWE Draft

One veteran wants to see the WWE Draft killed off.

The 2024 WWE Draft took place across the April 26th episode of SmackDown and the April 29th edition of Raw. Despite the usual level of excitement and speculation from fans, very few stars actually switched brands with the likes of Seth Rollins, CM Punk, Seth Rollins, Jade Cargill, Randy Orton, Liv Morgan, and Drew McIntyre staying put.

Many fans were quick to vent their frustration on social media, and The Undertaker admitted he would have liked to have seen more changes.

Meanwhile, Eric Bischoff has gone one further, suggesting on 83 Weeks that the Draft should be scrapped altogether.

“Based on the comments that I’ve read, it was a big lot of nothing,” Bischoff said. “Nobody really went anywhere. No real impact and it just got me thinking about, why even have it? Originally, and I get the original intent, was to create a brand separation in order to take advantage of brand loyalty. I think in the beginning. I think there was a period of time where it got kind of interesting early on.”

Bischoff went on to suggest having no fixed date for the Draft and that talent requesting to be drafted or traded could be more beneficial and help storytelling.

“Where as the draft, as we have it now, isn’t. So if you bring this guy over here and put this guy over here, there’s no story yet, they’ve been drafted,” Bischoff explained. “You can create a story from there, but what if the story starts before a talent is drafted or requests to be drafted? Now, 365 days a year, you’ve got a storytelling device.”

WWE Agrees New Deal For Raw

It’s been revealed that WWE has agreed a new deal with NBCUniversal to keep Raw on the USA Network in the final quarter of 2024. Raw is due to move to Netflix in January 2025, but the company’s deal with USA ended in October, in theory leaving the brand homeless.

However, a new agreement worth $25 million will keep the red brand on USA until it jumps to Netflix.

H/t to Wrestling Inc