WWE Hall Of Famer Believes The DDT Is Being “Wh*red Out”

WWE Raw DDT on John Cena

One WWE Hall of Famer explains why the DDT should be kept special as a finishing move.

First popularized by Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts, the DDT has long been a move in the arsenal of professional wrestlers across the world. However, in recent years it’s gone from being a protected finishing move to a transitional one, with many wrestlers using the move mid-match with little consequence.

Speaking on the latest episode of Grilling JR, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross explained why he believes the move should only be used by top talent to finish a match, saying it’s rendered ineffective when used as a transitional move.

“I agree that the transition spot bullsh*t is true. I also believe that if we were doing our correct due diligence, that there were certain moves that would be banned except for certain guys. Everybody can’t use the DDT because they’re just going to whore it out, prostitute it out as, you know, a transitional thing. Meaningless. It has no pop.

“So I told somebody that one time not that long ago, maybe six months ago in AEW. I said, ‘You can’t beat anybody with a DDT, or you haven’t. Is that because you don’t do it well, or what is the reason? Because it’s the same move, looks the same, everything’s the same, and it used to be a killer and everybody used to be in awe of it. Now, talented guys like you can’t even beat anybody with it. Explain that to me so I can understand how to explain it on television.’ They couldn’t. It’s just a spot to get them to the next spot and that’s not a good strategy.”

On the same episode, Ross gave an update on his health after a recent visit to the emergency room to address complications from his bad fall in June.