Wrestling Legend Thinks CM Punk Could Sue AEW

CM Punk

An interesting theory was shared recently from WWE veteran Dutch Mantell, who believes that CM Punk could sue AEW following the backstage events that took place between him and The Elites, who consist of Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks.

AEW All Out was considered a successful pay-per-view to many, but it was the media scrum and backstage altercation afterward that took the headlines.

The chaos in the locker room would eventually lead to suspensions, which would feature Omega, Nick Jackson (who was also reportedly knocked out), Matt Jackson and Ace Steel, coach and friend of Punk, who would also take part in the post-All Out brawl.

As far as Punk, his future in Tony Khan’s company is very cloudy, especially considering there’s an injury keeping him out for 6-8 months on top of all of the drama.

An internal investigation by AEW into the backstage brawl is still ongoing.

Dutch Mantell on his Story Time podcast stated that he believes that Punk wants to be fired by Khan and AEW, and that’s because Punk no longer has the passion for professional wrestling like he used to.

Mantell didn’t stop there, however, predicting that Punk could possibly sue both Tony Khan and AEW if things continue down the same path.

“He’s [CM Punk] well aware of what it involves of suing somebody and if he sees Tony Khan sitting there, of course he got more money than I guess Vince [McMahon] does, his daddy [Shahid Khan] does.”

He continued:

“But I don’t think he [Punk] would hesitate to sue because he’s kind of mad at him now because they didn’t take his side and he may sue him anyway even if he didn’t take his side.”

H/T to Sportskeeda Wrestling for the above transcription.