CM Punk Advised To Speak Directly To Vince McMahon About WWE Return

CM Punk making his entrance at AEW All In

It would seem CM Punk was told it’d be best to take the direct route if going back to WWE, by speaking with Vince McMahon.

It was a very tumultuous ending to CM Punk’s AEW career, when he was involved in a backstage brawl at All In from Wembley Stadium and before the end of the week had been let go from his contract, despite All Out taking place that weekend in his home city of Chicago.

The rumor mill quickly span up that WWE would be interested on capitilizing on the situation and bringing the former AEW and WWE World Champion back to the company, especially with this year’s Survivor Series set to take place in The Windy City – some going as far as to say he’s now a “safe bet” to be part of the show.

Was McMahon Interested In CM Punk Return?

A new report from Fightful Select has given some more insight in to the process which may have been followed by CM Punk for returning to WWE. According to the report, as recently as two weeks ago it’s believed there were no talks between the two parties, however since then Punk has put out feelers to see if there was any interest.

It’s also noted that a WWE employee discussed the matter with someone close to Punk, and made the suggestion that he should speak directly to Vince McMahon on the matter. However, it’s also reported that in the past McMahon had been against the idea of his former title holder returning, even when being pushed by executives from Fox to make something happen before he went to AEW.

However, if any deal were to be put in place it would seem CM Punk would have some work to do backstage to mend bridges from his previous time in WWE.