WWE Star “Can’t Retire” Until They Face AJ Lee


One WWE star is begging AJ Lee to come out of retirement.

AJ Lee hasn’t wrestled in almost a decade, but that doesn’t mean she’s been forgotten.

NXT Champion Roxanne Perez has been open about her admiration for Lee, calling her an idol more than once.

During an interview with Ring The Belle over WrestleMania week, Perez revealed both she and Cora Jade have been trying to get the former Divas Champion out of retirement. The young star said facing Lee would be a dream, quipping that she can’t retire until she gets her wish.

“We’re trying. Working hard. You know, hopefully one day she’ll come back and maybe we can all do something together. That would be like my dream. I can’t retire until I have a match against AJ Lee, so… I can’t be 80 years old wrestling either.

She’s great. I met her when I was 12 years old and I was crying. I was a fan and I was telling her, I’m going to be a wrestler one day. She was so supportive and so great.

Then I met her a couple of years later when I was with Ring of Honor. She remembered me from that time and I remember she told me, she said, I hope you blow me out of the water and everyone forgets about me. That was like so special to me because she’s someone that I looked up to so much. So to have her tell me like, you know, you go ahead and carry my legacy and make it greater.

That was like one of the best things I could have ever heard from one of my heroes.”

Could AJ Lee Return To WWE?

Speculation around the former WWE star went into overdrive back in November when CM Punk mentioned his wife on Raw. Lee hasn’t wrestled since 2015 and considers herself to be retired, but fans continue to hope she could get back in the ring for one more run.

However, after the mention on Raw, it was reported there have been no discussions between WWE and AJ Lee regarding a comeback.

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