Veteran Wrestler Offered New AEW Deal

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One of the most experienced wrestlers in AEW has been offered a new contract although it’s not known if he plans to sign it.

It was revealed earlier this week that Jeff Hardy’s contract with All Elite Wrestling is set to expire very soon and a lot sooner than most people expected. Jeff debuted in AEW in March 2022 joining older brother Matt.

Jeff Hardy’s run in All Elite Wrestling has been controversial just like when he worked in WWE, TNA and other places. In June 2022, Jeff was suspended by AEW after a drunk driving arrest and would go on to miss over a year of time before coming back in April 2023. Jeff hasn’t been utilized by AEW that much over the last year.

As for Matt Hardy, he let his AEW contract expire and recently returned to TNA Wrestling although he’s working there without a contract.

On The Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy podcast, the older Hardy brother confirmed Fightful’s report about Jeff Hardy’s AEW deal expiring soon while also adding that Jeff was offered a new deal.

“I think that is accurate though, so I’ll give Fightful their flowers. I think that is accurate. It’s coming up a lot sooner than we thought it was going to come up. I guess it could be extended if need be, you know once again, I don’t know what they’ll do.”

“It seems like from what I know and what I’m aware of, because when they offered me a deal, they offered Jeff a deal at the same time and they were very similar and his date was a lot earlier than we thought. So yeah, that report is pretty accurate.”

When asked to clarify, Matt said that Jeff was offered the new AEW deal “recently.”

Does Matt Hardy Want To Continue Working With AEW’s Jeff Hardy?

Matt Hardy went on to say he wants his career to continue with Jeff by his side.

“I would rather do it with Jeff, because Jeff and I, we have all these appearances that we’re doing together. Were at our best when we’re together and I even think Jeff would admit that and say that as well. It’s most beneficial from us when we’re both together, so we shall see.”

“If something happened and it was just me doing my own thing, I’m okay with doing that, I’m not afraid of working hard and betting on myself. In a perfect world, it’s Jeff and I, we match up and we make the decisions together going forward.”

Jeff Hardy hasn’t wrestled in an AEW ring in over two months so if he does re-sign with the company, it will be interesting to see if they use him more in the future.

H/T Fightful