Scott Norton Recalls The Time He Made NJPW Star Bounce “A Foot Off The Mat”

Scott Norton Recalls The Time He Made NJPW Star Bounce

Scott Norton, renowned for his tenure in WCW and legendary status in NJPW, recently delved into the impact of his signature Powerbomb manoeuvre during his wrestling career.

In an interview with Wrestling Shoot Interviews, Scott Norton reminisced about the force behind his Powerbomb and its memorable moments. Prompted to reveal the individual he powerbombed the hardest, Norton vividly recounted a notable instance in Japan.

He vividly recalled delivering a powerful Powerbomb to Manabu Nakanishi in the iconic Tokyo Dome, emphasising the sheer force of the manoeuvre. Norton described how Nakanishi “came a foot off the mat,” expressing pride in the execution and labelling it as a beautiful feat.

In Japan, I hit [Manabu] Nakanishi with one in the Tokyo Dome and he came a foot off the mat, it was beautiful.

Norton further elaborated on his technique, highlighting the importance of ensuring his opponents landed flat and firmly. He noted the heightened expectations of the Japanese audience, where any deviation in technique might lead to disapproval from the crowd.

I put people down flat I don’t let them go, over there if you don’t they’ll boo ya’ it’s just different you know?

Reflecting on his time in WCW, Norton mentioned Disco Inferno as another recipient of his Powerbomb, albeit unintentionally hard. He explained that certain wrestlers posed challenges due to their inability to assist with the lift for the move, necessitating a different approach to execute it effectively.

I guess maybe Disco [Inferno] not meaning to [powerbomb him hard]. Disco wouldn’t block ya’, guys that you’ve gotta horse up they’d mess it up because you can’t flatten them outright.

What Did Scott Norton Say About How Tough Haku Is?

Scott Norton said that he once accidentally stuck his thumb deep into Haku’s eye and he didn’t even flinch, Norton went on to say that Haku even apologised to him even though Norton was the one who unintentionally injured him.

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