NJPW Icon Reveals The Secret Behind Haku’s Toughness

NJPW Icon Reveals The Secret Behind Haku's Toughness

Former two-time IWGP Heavyweight Champion Scott Norton shared a remarkable anecdote that further cements Haku’s reputation as the toughest figure in professional wrestling.

In a recent interview with Wrestling Shoot Interviews, Norton reminisced about a moment during a match with Haku, also known as Meng in WCW, where he accidentally jabbed his thumb into Haku’s eye, fully expecting a reaction. However, to Norton’s astonishment, Meng remained utterly unfazed by the incident. Describing Meng as not only the toughest individual he encountered in the wrestling industry but also as one of the finest people he’s ever known, Norton highlighted their shared history in Japan, where their performances garnered immense adoration from Japanese fans.

I know everybody says Meng [Haku] and the the thing is with Meng, Meng’s not only the toughest guy I ever met he’s also the best guy I’ve ever known. Me and Meng have a huge history in Japan they loved watching us work and he always told me ‘Scott you bring the animal out in me’ and I said ‘Great, put that son of a bi**h back in’ [laughs].

Reflecting on their matches, Norton emphasised how Meng’s unique appearance, particularly his massive afro that often obscured his face, added to the surreal experience of grappling with him. Despite the accidental eye poke, Meng showed no sign of discomfort or agitation, leaving Norton in awe of his unmatched resilience.

But we went to town, and this was when he would wear his hair in this huge fro and you could never see his face it was like wrestling this big head of hair. And I went to lock up with him one time and I stuck my thumb in his eye and I said ‘Oh sh*t’

In a display of humility alongside his legendary toughness, Meng even apologised to Norton for the incident, further underscoring his remarkable character. Norton marvelled at the fact that Meng didn’t even flinch or wipe his eye, showcasing a level of resilience that few could match in the wrestling world.

And Meng apologised to me. ‘I’m sorry’ I’m sitting here going I know how tough this dude is but I’m saying to myself ‘This is the toughest thing’ he didn’t even wipe his eye, he didn’t even move.

The Secret To Haku’s Legendary Toughness

Haku said the reason he is considered one of the toughest individuals in wrestling is due to his Tongan heritage. He said that his family back home in Tonga were relying on him to send money back home to support them so he felt like he had to fight so that he could make money to send home.

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