Chris Masters Wants WWE Royal Rumble Return

Chris Masters

Chris Masters wants to be in the Royal Rumble.

Once known as Chris Masters, Chris Adonis wants to make a comeback to World Wrestling Entertainment, and he wants to make that return at January’s Royal Rumble match. Not just that, but Chris Masters also wants to square off against Bobby Lashley in the ring.

Chris Masters has had two stints during his time with WWE. In 2003, he agreed on a developmental contract with the promotion, and was with the company until his 2007 release. His second run would begin in 2009, again leaving in 2011. Also notable in his WWE career was his holding of the Masterlock Challenge, as well as taking on John Cena in a bout.

Making an appearance on NBC Sports Boston for an interview with Steve Fall, Masters was questioned about a potential comeback to World Wrestling Entertainment. He said that the desire to return to the company has always been there, but prior, he didn’t think it could happen, but seeing types like MVP and Carlito make returns and take part in the Royal Rumble, Masters changed his tune.

“In terms of a comeback, all I can say is the desire is always there a little bit because this is what I love to do, and I still do it. Even when as far as last year, as long as I’ve been outside of WWE, I’ve never pushed to come back and it’s just because I didn’t look at it like an option after the second time. After the first time, sure. But after the second time, it’s like I gotta move on. I still wanna wrestle, but it’s just not gonna be on television with WWE and that’s okay.

I can do other things in the business as time goes on. But this last year at the Royal Rumble was the first time and shoot, it’s been well over 10 years. I’ve seen MVP come back, I’ve seen Shelton come back, I’ve seen Carlito come back. I kind of felt like, shoot, you know, it’s been 10 years. It feels like a good time. It’s been so long, it’s like who else can they bring back that would be a bigger surprise at this point out of at least those guys that have been gone, and I just kind of felt like it was me.”

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