Chelsea Green – “I Have Unfinished Business At WWE”

Chelsea Green

Noting that it isn’t up to her, Chelsea Green stated that she’s open to making a comeback to WWE.

The rumor mill has been swirling around the name of Chelsea Green, with speculation regarding her future spreading across the wrestling community, and this after her name has come up in multiple reports about possibly returning to World Wrestling Entertainment. Green issued a response about the rumors, saying that she loves that the internet keeps her name relevant.

Recently, Green would partake in an interview with WrestleZone, where she would speak about her exit from WWE and the success that she’s obtained in other promotions. Green said she’s the happiest she’s ever been in her wrestling career, as well as the busiest, and doesn’t want to change anything by signing an exclusive contract with a company, like World Wrestling Entertainment.

Being questioned about a possible reconsideration of an exclusive deal, Green said that she wouldn’t sign with All Elite Wrestling (AEW), but she would consider going back to WWE, wanting closure with the company.

“I think that I wouldn’t go to AEW, and that’s just a reality for me. It’s not gonna happen. With WWE, I’m really glad that I left on good terms, although I was sad that I didn’t get to fulfill myself creatively as a wrestler. I still had a great relationship with Triple H. I had a great relationship with Vince. I am really happy that I’m able to hold my head up high knowing there’s an opportunity for me to possibly go back if they decide it’s the time and the place.”

Chelsea Green would go on to say she had unfinished business in WWE while adding that it’s not necessarily her choice.

“I have unfinished business at WWE, period. But I would go into it totally different than I did the last time, and I think that’s also the beauty of growing up. I have other goals in life now and at some point I want to start a family. It would be nice to close the WWE chapter with another run or another storyline, but that’s not my choice. That’s theirs.”