Becky Lynch Calls Out Jaxson Ryker Over Ignorant Comments

Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch has slammed former WWE Superstar Jaxson Ryker for his comments following the decision by the US Supreme Court to overturn a decades-old ruling on abortion.

The Supreme Court of the United States recently overturned the Roe vs. Wade ruling which gave women in the country a constitutional right to abortion. This means that the procedure will now be governed by each individual state with some already looking to restrict the practice.

This has understandably led to a lot of anger online with AEW’s Dr. Britt Baker DMD already blasting Mayor Glenn Jacobs for his own comments on the matter.

Now Becky Lynch has been forced to respond to former WWE competitor Jaxson Ryker who took the extra step of tagging Lynch in his musings on social media. Lynch responded to what she called Ryker’s “ignorance”:

“Yes. I chose to be mother. To a daughter. That I could safely deliver and afford to raise. A daughter who deserves autonomy over her own body. Banning abortions doesn’t stop them. It stops safe ones. God bless you, your ignorance and lack of uterus”

Despite appearing on the poster for the event, Becky Lynch is yet to secure a place at Money In The Bank, although there remains one spot left open in the women’s Money In The Bank ladder match that Lynch is sure to have her sights set on.