Becky Lynch Explains How Being A Heel Helps Women’s Division

Becky Lynch

Having played both roles in her time as a WWE megastar, Becky Lynch has stated what she believes helps elevate a division – being a babyface or being a heel.

Being superb in both roles during her esteemed career, Becky Lynch has admitted that working as a heel is more beneficial to an entire women’s division than being a babyface.

Despite this, Becky claimed that she naturally falls into the role of a babyface, with her “story of perseverance” being relatable for many WWE fans. This is what she claimed during an appearance for NYC Advertising Week, stating that it’s easier for fans to register interest with a heroic, underdog babyface:

“Being a babyface, I tend to naturally fall into. I think, honestly, I’m not the greatest athlete in the world and I think my story of perseverance has registered with a lot of people. Fans can get behind that underdog who constantly has to overcome.”

However, Becky Lynch admitted that playing a heel has a far more important role when it comes to the overall program and business. She noted how a heel is more responsible for the elevation of a program, having to find new ways to make the babyface look good every time:

“But then when it comes to business and wrestling as a whole, especially women’s wrestling, I feel like I can be of help by being a heel, right? Because when you’re a babyface, it’s all about you. It’s about how good you look. It’s how do we make the audience like you the most? And when you’re a heel, it’s all about how do you make the babyface look. How can you get people invested and want to see this guy win?

I feel like I’ve gotten enough equity with the audience that I’m able to help a babyface. And then as a whole, that just helps women’s wrestling. When people get more equity and get more exposure and I think that drives the business forward.”

Playing both babyface and heel roles to perfection throughout her career, Becky Lynch initiated her latest turn to the babyface side at SummerSlam prior to being sidelined with an injury. Having lost to Bianca Belair, ‘The Man’ embraced the defending Raw Women’s Champion before coming to her aid against the newly-formed Damage CTRL.

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