Austin Theory Becomes New WWE United States Champion At Survivor Series

Austin Theory

And new! Austin Theory is your WWE United States Champion!

As we entered the third hour of WWE’s Survivor Series Premium Live Event, it was time for the triple-threat match between Seth Rollins, Bobby Lashley and Austin Theory, and it was for Rollins’ WWE United States Championship. This match came into effect after current champions Rollins claimed that he wanted to take out both Lashley and Theory at the same time, and so the bout was set.

When the bell rang, Lashley immediately went after Austin Theory and clotheslined him over the ropes, followed by Rollins doing the same thing when Theory entered back into the ring. Then, Rollins and Lashley went for each other, with the two going back-and-forth.

Eventually, Theory got back involved, doing damage to both Rollins and Lashley, effectively taking control of the match. This would go on for awhile, up until the point when Theory kept punching and taunting Rollins, which would anger the champion. That’s when “The Visionary” took back control of the match, putting a beatdown on both Theory and Lashley.

Following a run from Rollins, all three would equalize the playing ground, going at each other until it was just Rollins and Lashley in the ring again. However, Theory sparked back in the ring, knocking Rollins out and then it turned into Theory vs. Lashley until Rollins splashed on top of both of them, leaving everybody laid out. This then led to all three men battling it out once again.

Rollins had Theory in a move, looking like the current champion was going to retain his title, however, Lashley laid out a spear on Rollins with Theory landing on top of him, which led the referee counting it as a pin and the crowd chanting “1-2-3!”

And just like that, shockingly, Austin Theory is your new WWE United States Champion.