Andrade El Idolo Does DX Pose In Backstage Photo, Adding To WWE Rumors

andrade el idolo aew suit

Andrade El Idolo is content to add fuel to the rumors that may be wanting to go back to WWE while he works for AEW.

There have been a lot of rumors about WWE’s new regime led by Chief Content Officer Paul “Triple H” Levesque wanting to bring back some stars from the past that now work for AEW. However, it has also been reported that AEW doesn’t plan on releasing their contracted wrestlers, which is obviously their right as a company.

Malakai Black has been mentioned a lot as a guy that could go back to WWE. There were reports that he asked for his release, but then Black issued a passionate statement saying he was just taking a break from AEW and he is expected to return to the company. Even if Black did want out, AEW has him under contract for several more years.

Some other names that were mentioned about possibly having interest from WWE were Buddy Matthews, along with reports of WWE sending out feelers to FTR and Swerve Strickland, among others.

Andrade El Idolo left WWE in March 2021 leading to his AEW debut about three months later. Earlier this week, Andrade posted a quick video with the caption “FreeElIdolo” that could mean he wants to be free, or perhaps he was just referencing that he was free at that moment. He also recently posted an hourglass emoji.

A recent Twitter post from Andrade was plugging the Direct Message App where fans can text him and he can send out mass texts. In the photo, he did the Degeneration X “crotch chop” pose made famous by WWE’s Shawn Michaels, Triple H and others.

Andrade got married to WWE’s Charlotte Flair earlier this year, so that’s one of the reasons why people will assume he might want to go back. That’s in addition to Triple H running the show instead of Vince McMahon.

On Friday, October 7th edition of Rampage, Andrade will be in a unique match where he’ll put up his AEW career against Ten, who will put his mask on the line. That means if Andrade loses, he would be gone from AEW, which again will lead to more speculation about his future.