AJ Styles Believes The Miz Is The Best Heel In Pro Wrestling

AJ Styles poses in the ring

AJ Styles has made the claim that The Miz is the best heel in the business, saying that he strives to reach the same level.

Over the course of his decades-long career, AJ Styles has been a babyface, a heel and everything in-between.

Until recently, ‘The Phenomenal One’ was firmly on the heel side, allying with the giant Omos to dominate the Raw tag team division. Once the pair split, however, Styles went back to being a fan favourite, beginning a rivalry with the up-and-coming Grayson Waller on NXT 2.0.

On the most recent edition of the Out of Character podcast, Styles compared Waller to The Miz in that he makes people want to hate him. Something he says makes Miz the best heel in the business.

“You wanna hate [Waller]. He reminds me of The Miz. In my opinion, I don’t care what anybody says, the best heel in the business is The Miz. He’s so good, and I tell him often that, ‘Man, you’re great. You’re so good. Nobody better.’ And I believe that.”

Styles went into more detail, explaining that The Miz is the type of heel every villainous wrestler should aspire to be.

“To me, there’s no one who understands what a heel’s supposed to be like [better] than The Miz. That’s what I wanted to be. I’m just not as good as him. That’s what I wanna be, and that’s what heels should wanna be, they should not wanna be liked. They should wanna be spit on and all this stuff.

“That’s what we should strive for because with that emotion that you bring as a heel, [it] just makes whoever you’re working that much better. When you got a heel and you got a babyface, it’s easy. When you got a great storyline, it’s easy, everything’s gonna work out.”

AJ Styles will be challenging for the WWE Championship at Elimination Chamber on February 19th. He qualified for the bout by defeating Rey Mysterio on the January 31st episode of Raw.

H/T to WrestleZone for the above transcription.