AEW Told Bad Language Needs “Toned Down”

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All Elite Wrestling enjoys pushing the line wherever they can, but Warner Bros. Discovery aren’t too keen on their choice of language at times.

As an alternative to WWE, All Elite Wrestling has become renowned for overstepping the mark on occasion. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of foul language on occasion, extreme stipulations that involve the likes of barbed wire and glass, and roster members being drenched in blood. That may soon change.

Per Dave Meltzer in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Warner Bros. Discovery – the overseeing eye above AEW – aren’t too keen on the language that’s used. They’ve reportedly asked for the language to be “toned down”, though their stance on the company’s use of blood went unmentioned.

It’s been a worrying time for AEW since Warner Bros. Discovery took over, with concern that both TNT and TBS will soon become bog-standard cable channels, rather than in the upper echelon of North American television. Dave Meltzer noted on a previous Wrestling Observer Radio broadcast that AEW fans should be worried about the sweeping changes at the network:

“Really the biggest stuff is the WBD (Warner Bros. Discovery) news which, if you’re an AEW fan, the last two days…not good news at all. We knew that they were gonna do a slashing of the budgets, but it really feels like TNT is – whatever is the prestige programming that TNT had – that’s going to be out the window and, I just have this feeling aside from the NBA, that TNT’s just gonna be another station on cable as opposed to…and TBS, which were kind of like cable powerhouses. It looks like they just wanna slash things, and CNN too for that matter.”

AEW Dynamite has operated on a TV-14 product since its inception, allowing it to be grittier in comparison to WWE programming. It’s unknown if this rating will soon change to coincide with Warner Bros. Discovery’s language concerns.

H/T to WrestleTalk.