VIDEO: Watch as WWE edits a fan reaction to Roman Reigns losing US Title

If you have watched WWE television at all in the last few years then you know that Roman Reigns is the guy that they want to push more than anybody else. Even though the fans boo him a lot of the time, the company continues to push him to the top. They might do it again at the Royal Rumble when he could become Universal Champion by beating Kevin Owens.

Since Raw is a live television there’s no way for WWE to edit crowd reactions all the time. They might hit mute if the crowd boos him too much or add some crowd sweetening with some cheers, but it doesn’t happen that much on live shows compared to when Smackdown was taped.

While on Twitter today, I saw something shared my my friend Jason Solomon (@Solomonster) about WWE editing a crowd reaction to Reigns losing the US Title on the January 9 edition of Raw to Chris Jericho. I’m not sure who made the video, but I thank them for it. Check out the side by side video below.

On the left is what aired during the live Raw broadcast last week. Jericho pinned Reigns and the fan at ringside celebrated the win. He was jumping up and down in celebration of the Jericho win and the Reigns loss. On the right is the same Jericho pin, but when there’s a shot of the fan he is looking sad. That means that WWE edited the video with a clip of the same fan being sad about something else and inserting it after the Reigns loss.


You can also share it at this link if you want.

Here are some funny tweets from the fan, Eugene Obliette, having some fun with it.

I think it’s pretty sad that they would go that length to edit a video like that, but I’m sure they’ve been doing it for decades and we never noticed it.

It’s not a big deal really, but it shows that WWE is willing to go far in terms of protecting their guy Roman Reigns.

To the fan that is pictured in this video, I hope you read this and reach out. I’d love to know what you think more than anybody.

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