WWE Tease Ex-AEW Star On NXT

WWE NXT Brian Pillman Jr.

Brian Pillman Jr. looks to be making his NXT debut imminently.

A vignette aired during the September 27th broadcast of NXT that showed a currently unknown person sitting down to watch TV. After first watching the Cincinnati Bengals, the channel is changed over to an episode of WCW.

The two TV clips look to be a reference to the late Brian Pillman, who was a former member of the Bengals football team and best known for his work in WCW as part of The Hollywood Blonds tag team with partner “Stunning” Steve Austin. The duo captured the WCW and NWA Tag Team Championships prior to their rivalry in WWE in 1996, which included the infamous “Pillman’s got a gun” angle.

Despite there yet to be an official announcement regarding Pillman Jr. joining the company, the NXT video strongly indicates that the former Varsity Blond is a member of the roster. Rumours have circulated that Pillman Jr. would be a part of NXT ever since it was confirmed that the former AEW star’s contract had expired.

Brian Pillman Jr. Appears To Have Signed With WWE

September 26th was a significant day in terms of ex-AEW stars making their way over to WWE. While Pillman Jr.’s arrival is still to be official, the company was much more direct in announcing its newest acquisition. Former TBS Champion Jade Cargill was announced as the newest signee and the first signee under the TKO Holdings banner hours before NXT went on the air, getting the red-carpet treatment as the company posted updates throughout the day.