WWE Raw Star To Return To Original Character

WWE Monday Night Raw set

A new report has revealed that one of the stars of Raw is no longer listed on WWE’s internal roster, instead they are listed under their former character.

Mike Johnson of PWInsider has reported that Ezekiel is no longer part of WWE’s internal roster. Instead, he has been replaced by his old persona of Elias.

The report also notes that when the star returns to Raw he will do so as Elias, while Ezekiel will “fade into the darkness.”

Elias made his return to Raw on April 4th after a nine-month absence. However, in a surprise change, the star came back calling himself Ezekiel, and claiming to be Elias’ younger brother.

Over the weeks that followed, Ezekiel engaged in a rivalry with Kevin Owens who made it his mission to prove that Ezekiel and Elias were one and the same. As the feud wore on, Ezekiel introduced more family members, including his other brother, Elrod.

Ezekiel was last seen back in August when he was taken out of Raw on a stretcher following a brutal assault by Owens, which included a devastating Powerbomb on the ring apron. Then, with Triple H taking the creative reigns in the company, the character began to be phased out.

The change comes amid reports that more surprise returns are on the way. Seemingly, these returns will involve stars that are currently not being discussed. This would rule out the much hoped-for returns of Bray Wyatt and Candice LeRae.