WWE News: Updated List of 2020 WWE Network PPVs (Raw/Smackdown) and NXT Takeover Events

There are four months left in 2020 and we have a clear picture of how many WWE more WWE Network/Pay-Per-View specials that there will be.

Before I get to what’s coming, it should be noted that it is unlikely that WWE will be going to Saudi Arabia for a second WWE Network special this year like in past years when they did shows in October or November. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, travel is still limited and WWE isn’t going to go to Saudi Arabia again this year. Maybe next year? Perhaps. It’s hard to predict what is going to happen next year.

It was reported by PWInsider that WWE plans on doing two more NXT Takeover events on Sundays. The dates are: Sunday, October 4 and Sunday, December 6. That confirms that there will not be a Takeover during Survivor Series weekend this year.

There is currently an NXT Takeover Dublin event scheduled for Sunday, October 25 and with NXT UK tapings continuing very soon, it might happen, but it definitely might not be in Dublin as scheduled. Here’s an image from the arena’s website.

The Raw/Smackdown shows will continue at WWE ThunderDome at Amway Center in Orlando through the end of October at least. After that, we don’t know if they will continue at Amway Center or try to go elsewhere perhaps with some fans in the building. The NXT events will likely remain at Full Sail University with no fans.

The listing of WWE Network events for the rest of 2020 looks like this.

Sunday, September 27 – Clash of Champions (Raw/Smackdown)

Sunday, October 4 – NXT Takeover

Sunday, October 25 – NXT Takeover: Dublin (NXT UK)

Sunday, November 1 – Hell in a Cell (Raw/Smackdown)

Sunday, November 22 – Survivor Series (Raw/Smackdown/NXT) – I’m assuming NXT will be part of it like last year.

Sunday, December 6 – NXT Takeover

Sunday, December 20 – Tables, Ladders & Chairs (Raw/Smackdown)

That’s seven WWE Network special events in the last four months of the year as long as the NXT Takeover UK event takes place as scheduled.

It’s weird that there is no main roster PPV in October, but November 1 is close enough obviously. It’s just how the schedule worked out.