WWE Reveals Latest Performance Center Class, 15 Athletes Signed

wwe 2022 fall recruits

A new crew of future WWE superstars have been revealed.

According to The Wrestling Observer, fifteen rookies have begun training at WWE’s Performance Centre.

These fifteen men and women come from various sports backgrounds, except for wrestling or MMA. The closest any of them come to having combat sports experience is Monika Klisara, who represented team Canada in karate.

The other fourteen signees are as follows, based on their background/discipline:

(American) Football

  • Beau Morris (Offensive Lineman from SMU)
  • Kevin Ventura-Cortes (Tight End from Concordia University)
  • Hayden Pittman (Tight End from the University of Alabama)
  • Skylor Clinton (Tight End from Northern Arizona University and Professional Indoor Football Player)

European Football/Soccer

  • Jade Gentile (Professional soccer player in Iceland)


  • Franki Strefling


  • Chukwusom Enekwechi (Eastern Michigan University)
  • Rickssen Oppont (Haitian National shotput record holder)

Gymnastics and other acrobatics:

  • Lea Mitchell (3-Time MVP gymnast from Michigan State University)
  • Kennedy Cummins (Cheerleader from the University of Minnesota)
  • Breanna Ruggiero (Tumbling & acrobat athlete from Sacramento State University)

Track and Field

  • Anna Keefer (5-time NCAA All-American from UNC)
  • Harleigh White (Clemson University)
  • Alivia Ash (from New Brunswick, New Jersey)

The video showcasing these fifteen new WWE trainees at the recent NXT tapings can be found here.