Trevor Murdoch Doesn’t Agree With Nick Aldis “Dragging” The NWA

Trevor Murdoch
Trevor Murdoch

Trevor Murdoch isn’t happy with how Nick Aldis spoke of the NWA, and by extension himself.

The current NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion had a lengthy interview with Sean Radican of PWTorch that covered many topics.

Murdoch was asked a variety of questions and gave extensive and detailed answers to each one to give more context and another side to the Aldis/NWA disagreement.

Trevor Murdoch explained that he and Aldis still have a good relationship. That said, he’s frustrated with Aldis’ decision to air his grievances with NWA owner Billy Corgan publicly and add fuel to the fires of speculation rather than resolve those matters privately:

“My only issue was, I didn’t agree with Nick dragging the company and dragging the guys in it. When you start making comments, like the show’s too embarrassing for me to be a part of.

First off, I think that’s a little bullsh*t. Secondly, you’re disrespecting all the men and women that Nick’s not the only part of the show. And since we’ve started Powerrr, it hasn’t been Powerrr about Nick. It’s been NWA Powerrr.

So there’s been a lot of talented wrestlers that have come through there that’s helped make NWA successful. And I just don’t think bringing all those men and women into the middle of your argument or your public squabble…I just don’t think that was the right thing to do.

If Nick and Billy want to air out personal grievances, I also think that both sides of the story need to be told.

It’s very easy for everybody to jump on the negative end and say that’s how it was because it’s a lot juicier. You know what I mean? It’s a lot more exciting. But there’s only half stories being told on some of this.

And I think, the NWA and Billy have taken a stand on being a little bit more professional, and not interested in airing those grievances publicly.”

The full interview featured more of Trevor Murdoch’s opinion on this entire situation.

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