Update On NWA Suspending Nick Aldis

Nick Aldis

The Nick Aldis/NWA situation continues to get murkier and more complicated by the hour.

On November 6th, a report went out that Nick Aldis gave the NWA his notice and that he’d be a free agent by New Year’s Day. However, that announcement was supposed to be restricted info but somehow it got disseminated to a wider audience.

Then earlier today, an update went out noting that the NWA suspended Aldis following the announcement. Aldis was pulled from previously-scheduled appearances for NWA Hard Times 3 and Revolution Rumble on November 12th, and 13th, respectively.

And as part of that later story, there was some suggestion that Aldis’ resignation was partially influenced by NWA’s reluctance to do another women-only Empowerrr show,

Now, Fightful Select, which has been covering this story from the beginning, has provided an update on the matter. Their report states that they were set to interview Aldis ahead of NWA’s show at the weekend but that now will not happen. That interview was postponed after he was pulled from the promotion’s shows as a result of his public revelation.

While postponing the interview, Nick Aldis is said to have noted that a “huge reason” for him leaving the NWA is the “disrespect” shown by owner Billy Corgan to Aldis’ wife Mickie James both before and after the all-woman Empowerrr show which James was heavily involved in.

The report adds that both comments from Billy Corgan and current NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Trevor Murdoch regarding the lack of women that could put on another Empowerrr show resulted in several women that have appeared for the promotion also feeling disrespected.

It is also stated that the situation between Nick Aldis and the NWA has been bubbling away for some time and it is not a work.

Nick Aldis is a 2-time former NWA World Heavyweight Champion. His second reign lasted 1,043 days, making it the longest NWA World Title reign since Dan Severn’s four-year reign from 1995 to 1999, and is the longest world title reign to take place in the 21st century.