Tony Khan Doesn’t Regret Having “Heated” Twitter Exchanges

Tony Khan at Full Gear

Tony Khan has no regrets over heated exchanges he’s had with fans on Twitter, saying he believes it’s “all in good fun”.

AEW President Tony Khan is surprisingly active on Twitter for an executive and has in the past found himself having disagreements with fans on the platform.

During a recent interview with Ariel Helwani, Khan was asked if he has ever had a back-and-forth that he would rather not have gotten involved in.

Tony Khan answered that it’s not something he’s had happen and that he actually finds Twitter to be a great way to engage with fans. He explained that he was an online fan himself and was able to directly chat to wrestlers such as Brian Pillman Sr. and DDP on AOL. He believes that direct connection was lost for some time until Twitter emerged.

“No, not really [he has no regrets], I think it’s great. It’s great engagement with the fans, it’s great engagement with people. I love connecting with the fans to hearing what they think.

“I was an online wrestling fan, and I grew up in an age where there was some connectivity, and then it got taken away for a long time, and then Twitter really brought it back and was such a unique platform where, you know, so many of the people in wrestling are on one social media platform.

“And it’s communicating, you know, it’s about writing, and it’s very much up a wrestling person’s alley trying to write a witty quip or trying to sum up a story in a tight thing. So, I really, really like it and you know, I think it’s all in good fun.”

H/T to Inside The Ropes for the above transcription.