The Miz Dealing With Arm Injury

The Miz

The Miz has confirmed that he is currently trying to recover from injury, which explains his lack of matches on WWE Raw in recent weeks.

Embroiled in an ongoing battle with the recently returned Dexter Lumis, the former two-time WWE Champion has been featured on TV without having a match since 1st October, with his last one aired to the viewers being back in September.

In a discussion with Yahoo! Fantasy Football Forecast, The Miz confirmed that he is currently struggling through an injury and it has impacted his ability to work through it.

I have a bursa sac that I burst that just keeps blowing up. It takes so long and then it’ll go away, I don’t know if you can see it, literally it just keeps coming back. Fluid comes in, it goes away, comes in, goes away. I’ve messed up my shoulder a little bit and then you’re trying to work out, work through it, and trying to make sure you maintain your body and physicality.

The Miz also has a reign as NXT Champion, having had a brief run on the brand. He recently on comparisons which have been made between himself and one of the brand’s current top stars.

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