The Bloodline Wins Men’s WarGames Match After Sami Zayn Declares 100% Loyalty

The Bloodline

Sami Zayn is officially a part of The Bloodline.

The main event for WWE Survivor Series was Men’s WarGames Match that featured The Bloodline (Roman Reigns, The Usos, Solo Sikoa and Sami Zayn) squaring off against Team Brawling Brutes (Sheamus, Butch, Ridge Holland, Drew McIntyre and Kevin Owens). Earlier during the show prior to the bout, there was some tension in The Bloodline with the faction having trust issues with Zayn, however, the “Tribal Chief” cleared it up with the “Honorary Uce” before the match took place.

When the bout started and the five-minute countdown started, Jey Uso came into the cage first representing The Bloodline, while Butch would be the first to represent The Brawling Brutes. To kick off things, Butch had the leverage, putting Uso in multiple finger submission moves, however, Uso put himself back in the match after slamming Butch into the steel cage. From there, Uso took control.

After the five minute countdown, Butch’s tag team partner Ridge Holland came into the match to give the advantage back to The Brawling Brutes, however, Holland and Uso would have a solid back-and-forth, until Butch got back up — that’s when Team Brawling Brutes started rolling all over Uso.

To equalize things for The Bloodline, it was Sami Zayn to the cage, per the directions of Roman Reigns to test out the loyalty of Zayn to his family. After hesitating, Zayn eventually got into the match, and started attacking Ridge Holland right away. However, bickering started quickly between Zayn and Uso, with The Brutes taking advantage to lay them out on the mat.

Once again giving Team Brawling Brutes the leverage, the “Scottish Warrior” Drew McIntyre made his way down to the ring, and unlike Zayn, there was no hesitation. McIntyre walked into the ring and immediately stalked Uso and Zayn, however, the two worked together as a team, but McIntyre still took control of the bout for the Brutes.

To once again even things up for The Bloodline, Jimmy Uso entered the WarGames Match, but before getting into the cage, Uso added some weaponry into the mix — two tables. However, The Bloodline (Jey Uso and Sami Zayn) once again clashed, with the two getting into a shoving match. In the cage, the “Tribal Chief” Roman Reigns looked completely disgusted, but in the ring, The Bloodline would show their power. The dynastic family rolled until the next member of The Brutes came into the picture, which ended up being Kevin Owens.

Kevin Owens sprinted to the ring, adding a couple of chairs into the ring, and he laid out The Bloodline from there. Owens rolled all over the Samoan mafia, using weaponry against them in his show of domination. This gave The Brawling Brutes time to recover, and regaining control of the match in the process — this before the two groups went into a back-and-forth.

Evening things up for The Bloodline was Solo Sikoa, The Bloodline’s enforcer. When he stepped into the cage, Sikoa rolled, laying out several members of Team Brawling Brutes. Then, Sikoa and Owens squared off one-on-one, with the former eventually laying out the latter and then shifting his attention to Drew McIntyre. They then faced off, and Sikoa put him down as well, showing utter domination.

Team Brawling Brutes got their final advantage as Sheamus was the last member who entered the WarGames Match, laying out The Bloodline with multiple clothelines. Sheamus put out the entire Bloodline for nearly the entire countdown to Roman Reigns’ entrance, with The Brawling Brutes getting time to recover and get back in the fight. The two went back-and-forth until the last countdown was done.

Then, the “Tribal Chief” Roman Reigns made his way to the ring, with the other nine wrestlers completely laid out — and now the WarGames match has officially begun at this point. When the bell rang to announce the match officially starting, all 10 men got up and faced off, and then eventually a brawl broke out between the groups. Then, Reigns took complete control, knocking out the entire team of The Brawling Brutes.

As Reigns was going for a spear, Sheamus hit him with a kick, and from there, Team Brawling Brutes took control of the match, even slugging all five members of The Bloodline in the chest as they were stuck in the ropes. After taking care of business there, they all then shifted their attention to the “Tribal Chief,” jumping him. However, the Brutes only got so much leverage, with Reigns fighting back, but Sheamus again kicked him to lay him down.

Sami Zayn took control of the bout for The Bloodline, but Jey Uso then hit with him with a superkick to knock him out. After some confusion, The Bloodline got back organized, which eventually led to Reigns knocking Ridge Holland through a table with a spear, which was followed by Sikoa laying McIntyre through a table.

Then, Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens went back-and-forth, causing massive damage to each other, but Owens eventually laid out Reigns and pinned him. However, Zayn showed that his loyalty was with Reigns and The Bloodline, stopping the referee from counting to prevent Owens from getting the victory. Not just that, but he also low-blowed Owens as he was trying to prevent a superkick from Jimmy Uso.

Then, after a brief conversation with Reigns, Zayn completely knocked out Owens, laying him out on the mat and set Jey Uso up for the splash for the victory. Sami Zayn gave his 100% loyalty to The Bloodline at that moment, with no doubts left. Afterwards, Reigns and Zayn then shared a hug, officially welcoming him into the family. And not just that, but Jey Uso also finally embraced Zayn, giving him a couple of big hugs. And with that, Sami Zayn is an official part of The Bloodline, declaring his loyalty to the utmost after the faction’s celebration.