Sami Zayn Addresses Jey Uso Being “So Angry”

smackdown sami zayn jey uso angry

There is some internal strife within WWE’s Bloodline group with Jey Uso clearly having issues with Sami Zayn and that has led to Zayn addressing the matter during a recent interview.

After the leader of The Bloodline, Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, made it clear that he wanted Sami Zayn and Jey Uso to work together, Sami picked up a big win over Kofi Kingston on the October 14th episode of Smackdown. It wasn’t a clean win because Jey helped Sami win even though Sami seemed to dismiss that later in the show.

When Sami’s interesting relationship with Jey Usos was mentioned on WWE’s The Bump this week, host Kayla Braxton brought up that Sami called Jey a hothead, which led to Zayn correcting her:

“I didn’t call him a hothead, I told him not to be a hothead. It’s getting kinda weird with Jey because we used to get along great. I’ve known them for almost ten years, we’ve always got along like peas in a pod. But this time around, I don’t know, things are a little different, he’s a little different. Jimmy’s the same. Jimmy is great. I just can’t get enough of that guy. He’s just the best. But Jey, I don’t know what it is. His guard is up in a way that I’ve never known him to be like this in the last 9 or 10 years whatever it is, I’ve never known him to be like that. So snappy and so angry.”

As the discussion continued, Zayn went on to explain that he’s a loyal guy that has taken big moves for members of The Bloodline, yet for some reason it’s not getting through to Jey.

“He went through a lot in the beginning of The Bloodline with him and Roman. I’ve tried to be very understanding. I’ve tried to put myself in his shoes, he went through all this stuff and all of a sudden he sees me come in and get welcomed with open arms. I try to understand what his problem might be, but on the flip side of it I’ve done everything I possibly can. I’ve been true in my intentions, I haven’t been up to anything. I’ve eaten Claymore Kicks for him, I’ve taken chair shots for him, for Solo, for Roman – I get in the way and I will happily take the bullet for someone. That’s the kind of person I am. I have loyalty and I think at this point my loyalty has been established, but for some reason with him it’s just not getting through.”

During Zayn’s appearance on The Bump, he also talked about how great it felt getting an “Honorary Uce” shirt and Solo Sikoa said that working with Sami is like “two superheroes” teaming up together.

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