“It’s Like Two Superheroes” – Solo Sikoa On Sami Zayn Partnership

The Bloodline Sami Zayn Solo Sikoa Jey Uso stand backstage on WWE SmackDown 2022

Joining The Bloodline at WWE Clash at the Castle, Solo Sikoa has enjoyed almost two months of Sami Zayn shenanigans, linking their relationship to that of two superheroes.

Solo Sikoa believes the on-screen relationship he’s formed with Sami Zayn is similar to that of Spider-Man and the Incredible Hulk.

Sikoa made the comparison during his appearance on WWE’s The Bump, noting that ‘The Master Strategist’ is in his good books for as long as Zayn remains on good terms with Roman Reigns. When – or if – Sami Zayn crosses ‘The Tribal Chief’, though, he can say goodbye to a friendship with Solo Sikoa:

“Listen, if Roman likes Sami, I like Sami. If Roman don’t like Sami, I don’t like Sami. So as long as the Tribal Chief accepts Sami Zayn, I do.”

Speaking about Sami’s general relationship with The Bloodline, Solo Sikoa likened the nature of the relationship to that of Spider-Man and the Incredible Hulk, with Sami being the former and Solo being the green giant. As the former NXT North American Champion put it, Sami comes up with the plan and he executes it:

“I feel like Sami’s like the mind of the group and I’m the powerhouse. He can play mind games with people and try to work his way around, but here I come. ‘Sami, whatever it is you need me to take out, I’ll take ‘em out.’ It’s like two superheroes, man. He’s the Spider-Man, I’m the Hulk, and can’t nobody stop us when we’re together. That’s what I feel like.”

Solo Sikoa made his main roster debut at WWE Clash at the Castle, joining The Bloodline as he prevented Drew McIntyre from capturing the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship from Roman Reigns. He’s since been positioned as a major star, with Sami Zayn addressing his potential on the same broadcast of WWE’s The Bump.

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