Sami Zayn – “I Really Appreciate Fan Interactions”

Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn recently stated that watching “grumpy” wrestlers inspired him to be better with the fans.

The WWE Superstar didn’t name any names, however, he said that some of the higher stars aren’t as appreciative of their fan base as he is. Sami Zayn took part in WWE Survivor Series as a member of The Bloodline in their WarGames Match against Team Brawling Brutes, where Zayn helped his faction get the victory.

Speaking in an interview with, Sami Zayn said:

“When I started going on the road with WWE coming out of NXT and all that stuff, I used to see some of the grumpy veterans and they would treat the fans, sometimes, really poorly.

Not all of them, some of them were great. I remember thinking, man, I don’t ever wanna be like that! I don’t ever wanna take these fans for granted and be like that!”

Formerly a WWE Intercontinental Champion, Zayn said that he loves the “excitement” of seeing fans in places that he doesn’t expect them, saying that he has a different view from other wrestlers.

“I started getting on the road, there [can be] a culture surrounding it – ‘this is just how you act.’ You’re supposed to be annoyed by the fans or something.”

Zayn went on to say that he has come to really appreciate fan interaction.

“I’ll admit, there were times at the airport where I’m like, ‘What are you guys doing here?!’ It happened once or twice for sure. But then I kinda stopped myself and I thought, what am I doing?”

“I just learned, this is probably seven or eight years ago, to switch my thinking and to really appreciate fan interactions.’”