Road Dogg Reportedly “Mad” At Tony Khan

Road Dogg cuts a promo

A new report has commented on The Road Dogg’s return to WWE, claiming that the former multi-time Tag Team Champion is “mad” at Tony Khan for not bringing him to AEW.

It was revealed on 22nd August 2022 that The Road Dogg would be returning to WWE as Vice President Of Live Events, replacing Jeff Jarrett who had left the role the day before having only been in the position a matter of months.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer commented that The Road Dogg, real name Brian James, was not happy at Tony Khan as he felt he would be offered a position in AEW, and his return to WWE is part of Triple H building the team he wants around him since taking over as Head Of Talent Relations and Head Of Creative.

We’ll be seeing more and more of this stuff as time goes by when it was people that were hired by Vince – Jarrett came in, basically Bruce Prichard brought Jarrett in and convinced Vince McMahon to hire him for the Senior Vice President of Live Events.

Vince is no longer in charge and Road Dogg is Triple H’s team so he hired him weeks after Brian James was all mad at Tony Khan for not hiring him. He didn’t do what I’d call the smartest job of a guy wanting to get hired, saying there’s so much bad in [AEW] and I could point it out and it’s like yeah, that’s a great way to get a job, pointing out the company sucks. But it all worked out, he got a job back with WWE so I’m sure he’s happy.

It’s a funny thing because – not that this is due to Jarrett at all because the company’s gotten hot – but since his return in May, his department which is house shows has increased greatly, so you’re department went way, way up and you got the boot but that’s the nature of the beast. I think a lot of people who are not Paul Levesque’s people are probably a little bit nervous and there’s gonna be a changing of the guard.

The Road Dogg has been critical of various elements of WWE during his seven months away, including recently commenting on the current NXT being “a tryout thing”.

With thanks to Inside The Ropes for the transcription.