Ricky Steamboat Comments On Concerns About His Health

Ricky Steamboat

Ricky Steamboat has addressed recent concerns about his health, reassuring fans that he is doing so well that his doctor told him he’s “like a 35-year-old”.

Back in April, Jake Roberts spoke in length about a match he had against Ricky Steamboat where The Dragon persuaded him to deliver a DDT on the concrete floor against his better judgement.

The move ended up knocking Steamboat unconscious and when it happened, Roberts was convinced he had killed his longtime foe. He went on to say that he worried about the longterm effects the move could have had on the former WWE Intercontinental Champion before concerning fans when he mentioned that he hoped it didn’t have anything to do with “issues” Steamboat was having now.

Now, speaking during a Highspots Superstore signing, Ricky Steamboat assured fans that, aside from a “little arthritis in his shoulders and knees” as a result of his wrestling career, he’s in great shape for a 69-year-old.

“You know, I’ve been getting – Thanks to all the fans. A big question that’s been out there, and I’ve been getting hundreds, and it’s fans and relatives. They’re asking, are you okay? Have you got health issues? I know, maybe going back a couple of weeks ago, [Jake] Roberts getting up there and talking about, he said that Steamboat’s got health issues.

I just want to assure everybody that I don’t. I’m 69. Probably have the normal stuff. Little arthritis in the shoulders and knees, you know, years of wrestling. But I get a physical every six months. Blood tests every six months. My doctor is surprised at how well everything – cholesterol, blood pressure, liver, all the stuff that on the inside that you can’t see. He says, ‘Ricky,’ he said, ‘You’re like you’re 35 years old.’

So just want to make make it clear to all the fans out there that the Dragon is fine. Train still three times a week. Got my bike out and my wife and I bike three times a week. So I’m good. I really am,”

H/T to Fightful for the above transcription.