Ric Flair Claims Triple H Carried Him Through 2005 PPV Match

Triple H and Ric Flair speak in the ring

Ric Flair and Triple H’s Survivor Series 2005 encounter was seemingly put together entirely by ‘The Game’, who is said to have carried Flair throughout.

Ric Flair believes Triple H carried him through their clash at the 2005 Survivor Series pay-per-view.

As stated on his To Be The Man podcast, ‘The Nature Boy’ felt comfortable when working a match directed by WWE’s current Chief Content Officer. Not only was he allegedly carried, but Ric Flair believes Triple H pushed him to a good match during the closing years of his full-time career:

“Yeah, I was very pleased with it. It’s one of those deals where Hunter [Triple H] carried me. He talked to me through it. You know, I was always comfortable with Hunter, I thought he was great. He carried me and supported me and pushed me.”

Ric Flair elaborated, believing that Shawn Michaels was also there for him during that period of his career where he admitted to struggling with self-confidence problems:

“He, like Shawn [Michaels] and so many others back then, when I was really struggling with self-confidence issues, were always there for me. The match I had with him in San Diego prior to that, that cage match, was really something I was proud of.”

Triple H ultimately defeated Ric Flair in a nearly 30-minute Last Man Standing match, striking the 16-time World Champion in the back with his trademark sledgehammer to keep Flair down for the ten count.

The match was one of fifteen singles encounters ‘Naitch’ contested against Triple H, though only six of those were ever broadcasted. ‘The Game’ has the advantage over Flair, defeating him in four of the six televised bouts, with Ric Flair winning their last in December 2007.

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