Rhea Ripley Discusses Recent Comparisons To “Icon” Chyna

Rhea Ripley

Rhea Ripley has opened up on her opinion of comparisons to Chyna, and how she loves that the WWE Hall Of Famer didn’t fit to a standard stereotype.

It is rare in wrestling to find intergender stables. Whilst Rhea Ripley is currently part of Judgment Day alongside Finn Balor and Damien Priest, these factions are few and far between in wrestling history, with the notable exception being Chyna’s involvement in D-Generation X. Due to this, the pair are often compared, and it’s something Ripley doesn’t have a problem with.

Speaking to Kenny McIntosh of Inside The Ropes ahead of the Clash At The Castle premium live event, Rhea Ripley discussed how she found Chyna “beautiful”, and also singled out Beth Phoenix as being a role model for her.

Um, yeah, so like, you don’t really see many groups with intergenders, you know. So to be in a group with the boys, and not only just in the group, but sort of be like the muscle of the group as well. It’s wild to think, I’m very excited that I could be one of the first in a while.

I sort of get compared to Chyna a lot, which I love, I love that. People keep making edits, and I think they’re absolutely hilarious. I did like Chyna, I thought she was an icon. and she didn’t fit in, which was great. Like, she was so different to everyone. She was muscley and just, she was beautiful. The others were beautiful, too. I’m not saying that they weren’t. But she was beautiful in a different way.

Which is like how I was growing up, I was always bigger than everyone, I needed someone. That’s why I look to people like Beth Phoenix as well. She was different, and I loved Beth growing up. So to sort of portray that for little girls that are small and petite, and they like the bigger bill, I am very glad to be that person for them.

Rhea Ripley joined The Judgment Day at WrestleMania Backlash, costing AJ Styles his match with now ousted faction leader Edge. Since then she has spent an extended period on the shelf injured, where she has appeared at ringside alongside the rest of her group as she will do once again when Finn Balor and Damien Priest take on Edge and Rey Mysterio at Clash At The Castle.