Recent AEW Signing Was Two Years In The Making

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One recent AEW debut was plotted for two years.

On September 3rd at All Out, Miro took on Powerhouse Hobbs in a battle to determine the meatiest man in AEW. After a hard-fought battle, Miro was able to lock in Game Over for the submission victory.

However, things didn’t end there as Hobbs attacked the former TNT Champion from behind. With the assault underway, Miro’s ‘hot flexible wife’ CJ Perry – formerly known as Lana in WWE – made her way to the ring and saved her husband with a chair shot to Hobbs. This allowed Miro to recover and knock Hobbs out of the ring.

Despite the save, Miro seemed less than happy to see Perry, and in the weeks since, she has been seeking out other wrestlers to manage. Most recently, she approached Action Andretti on Collision, only for Miro to destroy the young star later in the show and promise the same treatment for anyone else who wanted to work with his wife.

CJ Perry reveals how AEW signing came about

During a recent interview with Fightful, Perry discussed her decision to become All Elite, saying that Miro had been “plotting” it for almost two years.

“I think it was a timing thing. This was always a discussion. Miro’s been plotting this out for a really long time, talking about his Hot & Flexible wife, for probably two years now and wanting to bring me in.

“It was just a timing thing. I had a lot of other things going on, a couple of different projects. It was just figuring out the timing and the timing was right. All of it was his idea, to be honest. All of it was his idea. I’m just hired talent right now.”

With it being two years since she was released from WWE, Perry is excited to finally be back in the world of pro wrestling.

“Super excited. I love wrestling so much. I love the world of wrestling. There’s nothing like it. I’ve discussed this so many times with you of how the energy in the arena and the fans, oh, my gosh. I truly miss the wrestling world so much.

“Last year I would be going as a fan to WWE and AEW events just because I love the world of wrestling. So it’s really exciting to be back in the world of wrestling and it’s very exciting to work for AEW scouting talent, looking for talent to make the next champion.”

H/T to Fightful for the above transcription.