“Those Chair Shots Rang In My Head For Weeks”: Jim Ross Recalls An Infamous WWE Match

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross revisited the pivotal feud between The Rock and Mankind in 1999, expressing his discomfort with their infamous Royal Rumble match that year.

During an episode of his podcast “Grilling JR.” Jim Ross candidly recalled the match, acknowledging the lasting impression it left on the wrestling world.

Yeah, it’s uncomfortable, to be honest with you. And those two guys were just so hell-bent on making a lasting impression. And the fact that here it is 2024, and we’re still talking about it, proves their point. They did make a lasting impression.

Highlighting the dedication of both The Rock and Mankind in crafting a memorable spectacle, Ross underscored the enduring impact of the match. He delved into the significance of its conclusion, particularly the relentless steel chair shots delivered by The Rock to Mick Foley’s head.

Ross revealed the lingering effect of those chair shots, expressing his concern as the head of WWE’s talent relations at the time, responsible for the wrestlers’ well-being and safety.

Those chair shots rang in my head for weeks, it seemed like. Because you gotta remember, as the head of talent relations, I gotta pay these dudes. And I gotta book the towns, and make sure they’re medically sound and all that good stuff. So it was a big risk.

What Did Jim Ross Say About His Retirement?

Jim Ross said that it was likely that 2024 would be his last year as a wrestling announcer. Ross acknowledged that at 72 years old while he does feel healthy and is feeling healthier by the day he has to be realistic and that his career is likely coming to an end.

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