Sami Zayn Admits Lack Of Creative Freedom Under Vince McMahon

Sami Zayn WWE

Sami Zayn has lifted the lid on his new found creative freedom following Vince McMahon’s WWE departure.

The Canadian Superstar has now spent over a decade with WWE since signing in January 2013 and is currently riding high in the company having defeated Gunther in a classic at WrestleMania 40 to lift the WWE Intercontinental Championship for the fourth time.

Much of Zayn’s early success came during a three year stint in NXT, led at the time by Triple H, who now holds the position of Chief Content office with the company following the controversial downfall and ultimate departure from WWE of his Father In Law, Vince McMahon.

Speaking during a recent appearance on Gorilla Position, Zayn acknowledged the success the company had enjoyed under McMahon’s leadership before highlighting an increased sense of creative freedom with Levesque now in charge:

“Vince definitely had his way about things and it was successful, people can turn around in hindsight and point the finger and say this and that, as far as his creative ups and downs, but there was a reason for his formula.

We were working in a box, there’s no question about that. But those boxes get built because of success. But now, you have a new visionary, so that box gets opened up a bit. I think over a long enough timeline, we have to be very conscious of what we’re doing to not just be in a new box.

All this to say, for sure, under Triple H, there’s no question that in the week-to-week stuff and how you executive, there is far more freedom as a performer.”

Sami Zayn Recalls Specific WWE Loss That Bothered Him

Despite enjoying his current predicament in WWE, things haven’t quite always been so rosy on the main roster for Sami Zayn.

The Quebec native recently revealed that there was on specific WWE loss that still bothers him.

H/T: WrestlingInc for the above transcription.