AEW Honours Miro & Powerhouse Hobbs With Bizarre New Shirt

Miro Powerhouse Hobbs AEW All Out

AEW is cashing in on meat.

Former WWE Champion Big E said it best when he said what he wanted from his wrestling as a fan was “big meaty men slapping meat” and he would not have been disappointed if he tuned into AEW All Out and saw Miro take on Powerhouse Hobbs.

Miro and Hobbs engaged in what is commonly referred to as a “hoss fight” in Chicago as the two bulky brawlers brutalised each other to the delight of the fans in attendance.

A turbulent week in AEW that saw CM Punk fired by the company left many uncertain of how the fans in Punk’s home city would react to the show, but in a cathartic display of admiration, they let Miro and Hobbs know they admired their efforts in one of the more unusual ways – by chanting “meat” at them.

“Holy meat,” “meat forever,” “this is meat,” and even “beat that meat” were all heard from the Chicago faithful as Miro managed to defeat Powerhouse Hobbs after locking him in the Game Over. After the bout, Hobbs first offered his hand to Miro before attacking The Redeemer. This brought out Miro’s wife CJ Perry who clobbered Hobbs with a steel chair allowing the distraction before Miro clocked him again for good measure.

Miro seemed uncertain when he saw Perry in the ring, walking away without her after previously renouncing his “hot, flexible wife” as well as his God.

AEW all about that meat

Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth AEW is striking while the iron is hot by selling t-shirts simply emblazoned with the word “meat.”

AEW shirt Meat

This is not the only AEW shirt to raise eyebrows following All Out with another shirt available for over $100 if someone out there, anyone at all, wants to show their support for Don Callis.