The WWE Hall Of Famer Whose Finisher Wasn’t Over

The WWE Hall Of Famer Whose Finisher Wasn't Over

NJPW legend Scott Norton spoke about how WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash’s finishing move, the Jackknife powerbomb, didn’t get over in Japan.

Kevin Nash, a towering figure in the wrestling world renowned for his charisma and prowess, rose to prominence in the 1990s as a dominant force in both WWE and WCW. Under his WWE alias “Big Daddy Cool” Diesel, Nash secured his status as a former world champion and became a central figure in the iconic nWo faction, captivating audiences worldwide with his larger-than-life persona.

Despite his widespread acclaim, one aspect of Nash’s persona failed to resonate with audiences during his tenure in NJPW. Scott Norton, a former star of both WCW and NJPW, shed light on Nash’s signature move, the ‘Jackknife powerbomb,’ asserting its lack of popularity in Japan during an interview with Wrestling Shoot Interviews.

His Jack-knife wasn’t over in Japan at all. Kevin was over but I don’t think Kevin would do it like that there. Because he just let go, he was very polite about it.

The discrepancy in the move’s reception underscores the cultural nuances that shape wrestling fandom across different regions. Wrestlers often adapt their techniques to suit the preferences of local audiences, acknowledging that certain manoeuvres may resonate differently depending on cultural sensibilities.

This phenomenon is not unique to Nash, as evidenced by the adjustments made by other wrestling luminaries. For instance, Hulk Hogan, renowned for his trademark leg-drop finishing move, opted for the ‘Axe Bomber’ while competing in Japan, recognising the need to tailor his repertoire to appeal to Japanese audiences.

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Kevin Nash said that The Rock’s success in WWE was due to ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin getting injured in 1997. Austin suffered a neck injury during a match with Owen Hart that left him sidelined for months, Nash stated that during this time The Rock took pages from Austin’s playbook and incorporated them into his own persona which led to his rise in popularity with the fans.

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