The Undertaker Reveals Who Was One Of His Most “Favourite People To Get In The Ring With”

The Undertaker Reveals Who Was One Of His Most

Following a trilogy of monumental WrestleMania clashes, Paul “Triple H” Levesque has cemented his legacy as one of The Undertaker’s most esteemed rivals in WWE history. The legendary WWE Hall of Famers engaged in a series of unforgettable battles, and The Undertaker conveyed his profound respect for Levesque, who also serves as the WWE Chief Corporate Officer.

In an episode of the Six Feet Under with Mark Calaway podcast, The Undertaker showered Triple H with accolades, hailing him as one of his favourite collaborators inside the squared circle. He underscored their exceptional chemistry and commended Triple H’s keen understanding of storytelling and match progression, emphasising the depth of their professional partnership.

He was one of my favourite people to get in the ring with. We had amazing chemistry, and he just always had a good idea of the story and where it would go.

What New Championships Does The Undertaker Want To See In WWE?

The Undertaker has expressed his desire to see new women’s titles in the WWE. Undertaker spoke about how the WWE women’s division has such great depth now that it would be the right time for the company to introduce a Women’s Intercontinental title and possibly a Women’s US title as there are two brands.

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