Report: Randy Orton Was Integral In Change To Wellness Policy

Randy orton posing on entrance ramp WWE

A new report has revealed that Randy Orton was integral to WWE changing part of their wellness policy.

April 20th, which is better known as ‘4/20 Day’ to millions of marijuana users and advocates around the world, saw WWE release several cannabis-themed RK-Bro t-shirts.

As the shirts were launched on WWE’s online store, Randy Orton shared the link on Twitter, saying that it took a lot of work to get the special edition merchandise made.

It has also recently been reported that the multi-time WWE Champion has played a bigger role in changing WWE’s stance on marijuana that goes far beyond the t-shirts.

Fightful Select revealed that they had been told nobody has been suspended for using the substance in “years.” Although WWE didn’t normally suspend people for cannabis use, they have been known to issue hefty fines. One unnamed wrestler confirmed that the company no longer test for it and that aspect of the wellness policy has been quietly removed. It does, however, still appear on WWE’s corporate website.

Many WWE stars both past and present had previously pushed back over WWE’s stance on marijuana. This included criticism from Bret Hart going back as far as the 1990’s. Hart believed that the drug was a better alternative to coping with life on the road than a lot of other substances that wrestlers were known to use.

In more recent years in WWE, Randy Orton and Riddle have picked up that baton, while Kona Reeves also pushed for change while part of the company. One “higher-up” confirmed that the rules around marijuana use in WWE had been relaxed.

“I haven’t even heard anyone as much as gossip over one of the boys or girls smoking weed in years, much less a fine being handed down for it. A lot of the perception has changed, and a lot of what Bret was talking about way back when ended up ringing true. I don’t expect us to come out with WWE-themed cannabis incense any time soon, but the policy has been relaxed and we’ve used a lot of that culture in our storylines.”

Riddle and Randy Orton will next defend their Raw tag titles against the Usos at WrestleMania Backlash, in a match to crown the Undisputed Tag Team Champions.