Vince McMahon Accuser Files To Strike His “Inflammatory Lies”

Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon’s legal troubles continue as his accuser Janel Grant has now filed to strike his preliminary statement as his lawsuit rumbles on.

On April 23rd, Vince McMahon and his legal team filed a “motion to compel arbitration of Plaintiff Janel Grant’s Complaint.” McMahon and his team write that the NDA agreed to by himself and Grant contained an arbitration clause meaning the dispute should go to private arbitration.

In the filing McMahon hit back at Grant, describing her complaint as “salacious, false, and defamatory,” before referencing her “outrageous claims of sexual abuse.” The filing claims the allegations are “pure fiction.”

The document adds that “allegations and claims will be disproven” and Grant will be “exposed for the liar that she is.”

Vince McMahon Accused Of Intimidation

Now Janel Grant’s lawyers have filed a motion to strike what they call “inflammatory lies” made in McMahon’s statement. The motion continues:

Instead of using his Motion in the appropriate manner—to raise legal arguments concerning whether this dispute must be submitted to arbitration—McMahon instead uses the Motion’s “Preliminary Statement” as a platform to launch vicious falsehoods attacking Janel’s moral character in a transparent attempt to harass and intimidate her into submission.

McMahon’s easily refuted lies have no place in this case. It was not necessary, reasonable, or responsible to use a public filing to impugn Janel’s moral character. Indeed, McMahon’s desperate attempt to distract from the legal substance of the Motion highlight its weakness and the weakness of his overall case.

In return, Vince McMahon’s lawyer Jessica T. Rosenberg issued a statement to POST Wrestling giving their response to Grant’s latest move:

Plaintiff had no right to bring this case in a public court but did so anyway. Now that she chose this public forum to falsely accuse Mr. McMahon, she wants to silence his ability to respond. She can’t have it both ways.

Vince McMahon is accused of sexual assault and sex trafficking in a lawsuit that was filed in January 2024. As a result, McMahon was told to resign as Executive Chairman of TKO and he has spent the months since selling off many of his shares in the company.