Vince McMahon Dismisses Allegations Made By Janel Grant As “Pure Fiction”

Vince McMahon WWE

Vince McMahon and his legal time have fired a new motion concerning the lawsuit brought by Janel Grant.


On January 25th former WWE employee Janel Grant filed a lawsuit against Vince McMahon, WWE, and John Laurinaitis. The suit includes allegations of sex trafficking and claims by Grant that both McMahon and Laurinaitis sexually assaulted her.

After the claims became public, McMahon resigned from his position on the TKO Group Board of Directors. Both McMahon and Laurinaitis deny any wrongdoing. A lawyer for Laurinaitis has since suggested that he too is a victim of the disgraced WWE boss.

McMahon has now filed a “motion to compel arbitration of Plaintiff Janel Grant’s Complaint.” In a move that was very much expected, McMahon says that the NDA agreed to by himself and Grant contained an arbitration clause meaning the dispute should go to private arbitration.

In the document outlining the move, McMahon hit back at Grant, describing her complaint as “salacious, false, and defamatory,” before referencing her “outrageous claims of sexual abuse.” The filing claims the allegations are “pure fiction.”

McMahon also attempts to discredit claims by Janel Grant that he coerced her into writing a lengthy love letter. The document goes on to break down alleged “falsehoods in Grant’s background,” commenting that her complaint is “riddled with fabrications and omissions about her relationship with Defendant.”

For the avoidance of doubt, however, Defendant vehemently and categorically denies all allegations of wrongdoing in the Complaint, including Plaintiff’s outrageous claims that Defendant coerced Plaintiff into unwanted sexual acts, sexually assaulted and/or battered her, trafficked her, and defecated on her.

Those are false statements intended for publicity. When the Complaint’s allegations are adjudicated in the proper forum (arbitration), witnesses are called to testify under oath, and all communications between the Parties (including those authored by Plaintiff which she intentionally did not share in her Complaint) are produced, the allegations and claims will be disproven and Plaintiff will be exposed for the liar she is.

You can find the full document here.

Vince McMahon Has “Moved On” From WWE

Despite the scandal, a recent report claimed Vince McMahon has “moved on” from WWE and is “enjoying life” away from the company he spent much of his life building. Furthermore, McMahon believes he won’t face charges relating to the lawsuit, which instead will be settled out of court.