What Vince McMahon Believes About Lawsuit Against Him

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A new report has provided insight into what Vince McMahon thinks about the major lawsuit filed against him.

In late January 2024 right around the time of WWE’s Royal Rumble, Vince McMahon was accused of sexual assault and sex trafficking in a bombshell lawsuit filed by a former WWE employee named Janel Grant. The lawsuit was also filed against WWE itself and former Head of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis. It included disgusting allegations against McMahon while also providing text messages that were very damning against the former WWE Chairman.

Following the lawsuit, WWE owners Endeavor and the newly formed TKO Group told Vince McMahon to resign due to all the negative attention and since then, WWE has done everything they can to distance themselves from the man who ran the company for over 40 years. McMahon is also under federal investigation, but he hasn’t been charged for anything yet.

Over the last week, Vince McMahon put up all his remaining TKO/WWE stock up for sale as the 78-year-old officially separates himself from the company.

As for WWE, they are moving on without him with many people talking about the “new era” led by WWE CCO Paul “Triple H” Levesque. It was something mentioned many times during WrestleMania 40 weekend, which was the first WrestleMania without Vince’s involvement.

There is a new report from NBC News about what Vince is doing in his time away from WWE. The story claims that McMahon “believes officials won’t bring any charges against him and that Grant’s civil case will be settled out of court.”

Immediately after that, it was mentioned that spokesperson for Grant’s attorneys said that there have been absolutely no settlement talks with McMahon.

Meanwhile, WWE insiders claim he hasn’t had any contact with company leaders and figureheads since he resigned. They cited a quote from Endeavor executive Mark Shapiro McMahon “doesn’t work for the company, doesn’t come into the office, and he’s not coming back to the company.”

A lawyer for McMahon named Jessica Rosenberg told NBC News via email that they’ll defend McMahon vigorously.

“The lawsuit’s claims are false, defamatory and entirely without merit. We intend to vigorously defend Mr. McMahon and are confident that he will be vindicated.”

Ann Callis, who is an attorney representing Janel Grant, sees things differently as she issued this statement about the lawsuit:

“Vince McMahon raped, trafficked and physically assaulted Janel Grant as part of his decades-long normalization of treating women within the WWE as objects. He might have thought that Janel would just walk away, but that wishful thinking couldn’t be further from the case.”

“Every day we are focused on adding to our mountain of evidence, speaking with other victims, hiring renowned experts on sex trafficking/coercive control and preparing to vociferously litigate this case.”

What Is Vince McMahon Doing During His Time Away From WWE?

As far as what Vince McMahon is doing in his free time, the story notes that he has been on trips to places like Italy and the Turks & Caicos Islands. It was also added that on one of his trips, he had seven kittens and a puppy, all of which he brought back to be adopted by his friends.

A source who knows Vince claimed that he was “enjoying life.”

There is also a section in the story about how Vince McMahon stays in touch with former US President Donald Trump. However, hours after the story was posted, a McMahon spokesperson denied that and said that Vince has only “spoken with Mr. Trump once in the past several years and that was for about a minute or so after Mr. McMahon’s back surgery.”

Meanwhile, former WWE Champions John Cena and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson were cited in the story, which stated that McMahon has been “in touch” with both men.