Randy Orton Comments on Edge Match at WWE Backlash, Others Having Short Matches, Critics of WrestleMania Match, More

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Randy Orton has a big match tomorrow against Edge at WWE Backlash. The reason it feels bigger than usual is because WWE is marketing it as the “Greatest Wrestling Match Ever” which is bold claim and something that has led to lot of fans questioning the logic behind it. Orton and Edge have both poked fun at the moniker in interviews as well as social media. The match was actually taped last week and we’ll find out what happens on Sunday night. We already shared some interview comments from Orton two days ago, but he covered some interesting comments in a new interview.

Orton was very candid in a new interview with CBS Sports as he responded to critics of his WrestleMania match with Edge because a lot of people thought it went too long at 37 minutes. Orton didn’t agree with that.

“I think if you take the Boneyard Match out of it and you take what Bray [Wyatt] and John Cena did — both of those were fantastic — but if you don’t compare us with that, I think we stole the show. I did hear some bitching and moaning from the media and the fans about how long this match was. I just laugh, because I saw a couple matches, I think even the (WWE) World Title match, if you include entrances and the post-match celebration, they might have gone 4 minutes.”

“If you want a 4-minute match where you see five different finishers back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back with zero facial expressions? If that’s the kind of fan you are, then I don’t want you to be a fan of mine because you don’t appreciate what we are trying to do in telling a story.”

Orton said he was really happy that Edge wanted to wrestle him when Edge returned to action earlier this year after nine years on the injured list.

“I was honored and really taken aback that he chose to work with me. In hindsight, it’s a different time with the pandemic and the no fans and limited fans and running shows out of the PC every week. It’s a different time. But I think, given the circumstances, this might be my most favorite personal run I’ve ever been involved in coming up on 20 years of being on TV. I’m just honored that he was cleared and chose to come back and help me tell this story.”

Orton also explained why he felt like he and Edge stood out as WWE superstars.

“We stand out in our storytelling and the way we use our faces. Edge, I think has done 100 episodes of television and maybe a couple movies in the time he was gone. He was already good at registering and showing facial expressions. Now, I think there’s nobody better when it comes to those little things. That body language that is so important to what we do, how a guy stands there before the bell rings, how a guy looks into the eyes of his opponents, how a guy gets up every time in the match at 10, 15, 20 minutes and how it’s different every time because he’s wearing himself down physically, mentally and emotionally.”

Orton had a final sell for the fans by letting them know he plans to tell a story with Edge.

“I’m going to go out there with Edge and we’re going to tell a story. You ever read a book in 3 minutes? Watch a sitcom or a movie that lasts 3, 4, 5 minutes? No. It takes time. For the fans that want to sit down, grab a bowl of popcorn and get ready for some seriously good f—ing wrestling? I’ll see you at Backlash. For the ones that want to go see a 3-minute match with five of the same moves back-to-back-to-back-to-back? Don’t tune in.”

Randy was also a guest on WWE’s After the Bell podcast hosted by Corey Graves where he talked about how he didn’t really buy a plane. He also revealed that Raw newcomer Austin Theory asked Randy about doing a move that looked similar to an RKO and Randy was okay with it.

Orton also plugged his Backlash match in a creative tweet yesterday.

Good luck to Randy and Edge at Backlash when it airs in about 24 hours from now. We’ll be watching.